So This is What Christmas Feels Like?

Just got back into town from four days in the Twin Cities. I’d loved to regale you all with some outlandish stories about seeing old friends an getting drunk down by the river. But I cannot. A majority of my weekend was spent in the confines of Martha’s house feeling like lymph nodes were trying to set my throat on fire.

I took a trip out to a CVS in Eagan, aka Haleyville, to go to one of these Minute Clinics. I’ve always been aprehensive about making a doc appointment at a regular clinic for some reason. But the MInute Clinic was so easy! If your throat/stomach hurts to the point where you think you need medical assistance, go for it.

I had a throat culture done, and the intial test came back negative. “Just a virus. Not much you can do but wait it out.” they said. So I continued to take tylenol and gagle like a mofo.

Cut to Yesterday afternoon. Just was the car arrived in the Chicago city limits, I get a call from the minute clinic, telling me they sent my test intot the lab, and I do in fact have Strep Throat.


I’m on antibiotics now, which is nice, but the pain is still very present.

I feel so gross, all I can do is make THIS face:



3 Responses to “So This is What Christmas Feels Like?”

  1. AllysonD Says:

    Well, at least Pudge Rodriguez looks good!

  2. Jacob Says:

    Penacillin Party yall!

  3. Jacob Says:


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