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Today marked the grand opening of the new Modern Wing at The Art Institute. Thanks to some good pre-event scouting by AllysonD, we were hip to the fact that there’s free admission to the wing during its innagural week. In hopes of beating the crowds left to make it to the museum right at its 10:30 openning. DSCF0004DSCF0006Acolsutely stunning. The new wing is a work of art unto itself. As you can see, evnen though we arrived very close to the museum’s openning time, there were throngs of people waiting to check out the latest addition to the Art Institute.

DSCF0010the amount of natural light in this place is fantastic. Millenium Park also lends itself extremely well as the perfect backdrop.

DSCF0011There’s an amazing outdoor patio area.. which no one was allowed to sit on. Art cock tease?

DSCF0012After seeing all the exhibits, out attention steered toward both finding the rooftop terrace and checking out the bridge that now connects the modern wing to Millenium Park. What was supposed to be a more chilly, cloud-filled Saturday afternoon turned into the absolute ideal conditions. Once on the terrace, We noticed something playing on the big projector in the Pritzker Pavillion. We walked down to check it out– turns out it was the SAIC commencement ceremony. My good friend Anne was getting her Masters, and we got a chance to meet up with her and Chris after we took a lovely stroll through the Park, down to the lake, and then to Buckingham Fountain.



I hadn’t been to Buckingham Fountain in at least seven years. You completely forget how large that puppy is.

It was an absolute perfect Chicago day. During our trip today I definitely had one of those life-affirming “THIS is why I live in Chicago!” moments. While other cities may have their share of great sights to see, no other city could replicate the day we had. Definitely one for the ages, in the best way possible.


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