Rod BLOGojevich!

Woah! I have a blog! And if I’m never going to become famous for just hanging’ and bein’ me– as planned– if I don’t have a more IN YOUR FACE, BALLS TO THE WALLS online presence. I’m gonna try, People!

Anyway, work’s been crazy today. I’ve been buzzing around the office doing the job of two people. The internet went down, right before lunch, and I got a little freaked. A majority of my daily tasks require some sort of connection to the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY to be completed. Just as I’m about to dry-heave with anxiety, my iPod shuffle’s to Dolphins by Tim Buckley.

This EXACT version of the song! I remember back, either junior or senior-year of high school. My frend Caitlin and I spent almost an entire day driving around the Twin Cities looking for Tim Buckley’s BBC Sessions CD. It was eventually procured at The Electric Fetus in Minneapolis.

I was a huge Jeff Buckley fan in high school, and learned about his dad through, I believe, skimming through a Jeff biography at the Barnes & Noble in HarMar Mall

In any event, Tim was more prolific than his son but they both died way too early.

Man, my last two posts have referenced dead singer-songwriters. Did Acme Valley finally find it’s niche?

Love you all. I’ll write more now. I promise!


One Response to “Rod BLOGojevich!”

  1. Allyson Says:

    Holy. Crap. PT BLOGS! I’ve been holding my breath for AGES waiting for this!

    … now I better read the post (:))

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