Alright, AlRIGHT

My girlfriend has publicly called me out on my piss-poor drive to update this blog. Citing I could ‘use a little blogging motivation’. So, as the rules go share 7 random personal facts, and then choose 7 more people to pass this on to. While I plan on sharing some DEEP, LITTLE-KNOWN facts with yall, I seriously doubt I have 7 friends who blog enough to participate with this. I’ll try to think of as many people as I can, but as far as calling out 7 blog-friend, I make no promises.


1. I am an only child. It’s always interesting when people find out I grew up sans siblings. Half will say, “Oh! Really? You don’t strike me as an only child.” While the other half will say, “For sure you’re an only child, I could totally tell!” The weird part for me is the former think they are paying me a compliment, and the latter feel as if they’re throwing a light-hearted insult my way. It’s the opposite, actually. Being a one-and-only is all I know. And I’m proud that, for the most part, I think I’ve come out of the experience being a fairly well-rounded individual. For me, being an only child mainly meant I spent more time playing two-person games by myself more than all my friends. If there’s one thing I can truly take away from being an only child, still my uncanny skill at Mario Kart on Super Nintendo. Never having to share the controller gave me infinite time to hone my driving skills; and I have yet to meet a truly worth competitor.

2. I’m adopted. Yep, not only am I an only child, but I was given up for adoption as a baby. I don’t know anything about my birth parents, or the reason they didn’t raise me. I was fortunate enough to have been adopted at a really young age, so I never had to deal with any resounding psychological difficulties of being ‘abandoned’ by my biological parents. I lucked out to have a mom adopt me who was completely transparent with me about being adopted from day one.

3. For years, improv was my life. I started doing improv as a freshman in high school. I did it primarily to meet new friends at school where, upon enrolling, I knew two people. It more than did the trick, improv became a part of my life for the next eleven years. Until about a year ago, every week of my adult life included some sort of improv rehearsal or show. With me switching to a job where the hours are very volatile; and finding myself increasingly annoyed with the political aspects of performing in Chicago, I began to drift away from the improv scene. I’d like to perform again one day, but since my job needs me to be available at odd hours, it’s difficult to guess when that will be.

4. I’m a really big sports fan. Hockey aside, I love following professional sports. With my nerdy nature, and skinny frame, it generally comes as a surprise that I can hold my own in a conversation surrounding which National League relief pitcher has the most deceptive WHIP. My childhood love for the Twins, Vikings, and Timberwolves never subsided when I got really into TV, film, and music. Rather, they coexisted in perfect harmony. So if any ever wants to debate the NFL’s top linebacker, then immediately debate the top act on Drag City Records, I’m your man.

5. I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was out of high school. Whether it was me being the victim of poor luck, my general overall awkwardness towards the opposite sex, or a combination of both, I never dated anyone while in high school. Dear Ladies of the Cretin-Derham Hall class of 2001: YOU MISSED OUT!

6. I’ve never lived outside the midwest. The longest I’ve ever been away from this region of the country was during the summer of 2001. As a high school graduation present, my mom graciously took me on a week-long trip to London. My mother and I have polar opposite views of how to tackle a vacation. Where I prefer to search a town on my own, and see cool non-tourist places, my mom will be the first person in line for a double decker bus guided tour, followed by high tea with a uniformed beefeater. Luckily, we established a good plan (we’d spend half the day solo, and the other half together) and ended up having a great trip. This is the only real exposure I’ve had to another non-midwestern culture for longer than like five days. I love the midwest, but I feel like I’d really be doing myself an injustice by not visiting other countries (let alone other parts of the country) for the remainder of my life. Baby needs his tropical vaca!

7. I’m really interested in investing. Though I don’t consider myself materialistic, and I have a job in a creative field where math generally doesn’t ever enter the picture, I enjoy learning about how I can make money grow. It’s so fascinating to read about all the different aspects that go into making a stock rise and fall in price. I’m nowhere near an authority on the subject, but it’s cool to think how your money can turn into…more money…OMG, like MAGIC!

There you have it everyone,. Hopefully I gave you a bit of insight to what makes me tick. Here are the folks to whom I pass on this wonderous blog-challenge to:

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and finally Jamie at Nice Jumpshot



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  1. Allyson Says:

    Wait, you aren’t in high school?!

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