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Handy Man Special

May 19, 2009
more, better lit photos to come

more, better lit photos to come

I have a project! AllysonD unearthed this road bike from her building’s basement. I”ve always wanted to fix-up a an old clunker; and this gives me the perfect opportunity for a…EXTREME BIKE MAKEOVER (girlish squeeeal)!

I started on the overhaul after dinner. One of the most visible maladies of this bike is the fact there’s is no seat and the seat post was rusted right in the frame. after trying to pull it out with my bear hands (most likely resulting in a yet-to-be-diagnosed hernia) AllysonD and I tag teamed on chiseling away the rust with a flat-head screwdriver and hammer. It totally worked! the seat post came flying out of the frame.

Next, I tackled the right hand brake, which had slide down to the bottom of the handle. I had no idea how to tighten the hand brake so it would stay where I wanted it on the handlebar. So, I began trial and erroring. unscrewing, loosening and tightening whatever seemed like it would help me along. After a little Internet research, I discovered where the correct screw was to tighten the brake; but the only way to access the screw would be to undo the brake cable. This was seriously tedious, as I’ve never dealt with brake cables this intimately (and rusty) before. I was getting so frustrated with my lack of progress I definitely took a popcorn break with AD and watched the last of the Twins getting…swept…by the Yankees.I eventually got back to the brake cable, undid the cable from the hand brake, tightened the handbrake, and reconnected the cable. It took a few tries to get the cable taut enough; but I eventually got it right, and the brakes work great.

More tune-up and upgrade stories to come. I’m hoping by mid-summer I can have this baby rolling the streets looking better than new.

PS – Countdown to Michigan Memorial Day Extravaganza: 3 days!