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PT: The Lost Year?

September 18, 2009

I was gonna write about mash-ups, but I think that entry’s meant for a different day…

For one reason or another, I’ve been thinking a lot about my freshman year of college. Although I graduated from Columbia College, I spent my first year of higher education at DePaul University. My decision to attend DePaul came down to A) Wanting to go to school in a big city with an amazing improv scene and B) because I didn’t get into  my #1 school, Northwestern (I didn’t learn about Columbia until well after deciding to take the Blue Demon Plunge).

When I immediately thinking about my time at DePaul, I generally focus on the bad. DPU and I were an awful match on essentially every level. Academically, the classes felt like a repeat of senior year in high school. The student body was, on a whole, made up of the kind of entitled, upper-middle class, unintelligent, preppy assholes that populated my high school; and I was hoping college was golden ticket to ridding myself of these kinds of people forever. Gah! Admittedly, my time at DePaul may have been doomed form the beginning, as I paired with the Worst Roommate in the History of Dorm Life. I wish I was exaggerating (I wish more I had some sort of link to his facebook page, but his name is so common that I couldn’t find him in the midst of other dudes that I can’t help but judge because they share his name). I’ll make time to go into more detail later of specific tales of his awfulness. For now, I’ll let you know that: he pledged a frat at a school where no frat houses exist. He left a package of corned beef in our shared, and unplugged, mini fridge for the entirety of DePaul’s 6 week-long winter break. And finally, one night he got so drunk he tried climbing up to his loft bed on my detached wood desk shelf. He shattered all my CD jewel cases as well as a mug given to me by my now-late grandparents. HE WAS A REAL PEACH.

Anyway, my recent reflection on my time at DePaul has been more focused on the good times. Which include:

  • My first ‘college party’ which took place on a basement near Armitage and Halsted. I paid my $5, got a plastic cup, drank like 4 beers, and talked with the two other dudes I came with. It was amazing.
  • Making friends with mostly the theatre school kids. It was crazy. Since they were in their own conservatory, there was a whole other level of school-gossip I heard about, yet had no hand in whatsoever. It was the closest thing Ive ever gotten to watching a soap opera.
  • My short stint as a member of the DePaul Ultimate Frisbee team. I left shortly after I did the organizer a ‘favor’ by sitting in w/ his other team in a tournament in Whitewater, WI. What I thought would be fun-filled weekend, crashing on people’s couches, etc., ended up costing me like $150–a sizable chunk of my dwindling savings.
  • An end-of-the-year trip to Six Flags with some of the Theater Kids. I saw the biggest butt I’ve ever seen, we ate at Olive Garden, and the driver of the car with like six of us jammed in almost got bust for being high while driving.
  • The innumerable trips to Demon Dogs which was right around the corner from my dorm under the Fullerton L train station. On Sundays, I’d grab a dog (or two) run back to my room and eat while watching football.
  • My near love affair with Jen, our floor’s RA (we stopped hanging after I found out she was a cute lil’ quasi-hippie with an Army boyfriend. Not getting involved in THAT mess).
  • And, of course, the time I road-tripped up to Madison for the weekend, which led to me realizing I needed to transfer colleges immediately.

I’m still friendly with a handful of people I met that summer; but I’ve lost contact with a majority of my DePaul acquaintances. Though I must mention a couple years ago I saw a myspace message from my DePaul friend Star, which led me to purchase the bed I’m sitting on RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND AS I WRITE THIS BLOG.

May this blog entry be an open invitation for all old  DePaul friends to write me. We’ll grab a drink and talk about shit like the quad and that one Ben Folds concert the school put on at the end of the year (not to be confused with the Ben Folds show I saw at The Vic the second week I was at school..that really should be a bullet point. Oh well.). What were yall’s collegiate times like?

PS- I unabashedly had a Coldplay poster hanging in my dorm.